I'm Jake Sepulveda, a graphic designer, relief print-maker, lover of books, father to an amazing daughter, and collector of vinyl records. I'm based in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. When I'm not filling notebooks with ideas, doodles, and designs, you can find me listening to music, reading, spending time with my family, gardening, and collaborating with friends.
I love puns, inside jokes, exploring concepts, and drawing inspiration from everyday objects and unexpected places. Combining clever and creative with simple and serious gives me a range of design approaches that truly helps clients shine.
I'm a dedicated creative that loves hands-on processes, layout, building brands, rich bold colors, retro graphics, iron-on patches, and tiny notebooks. Packaging, poster design, and collaboration hold a special place in my heart, but as long as I can solve a client's problem I'm happy with however we get there.
Drop me a line at hello@jakesepulveda.com
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